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Daily for 12 days

Durition: 12 days

Min. deposit: $ 10

Max. deposit: $ 499

Instatnt Withdraw: No



After 10 days

Durition: 10 days

Min. deposit: $ 500

Max. deposit: $ 1499

Instatnt Withdraw: Yes



After 6 days

Durition: 6 days

Min. deposit: $ 1500

Max. deposit: $ 2499

Instatnt Withdraw: Yes



After 3 days

Durition: 3 days

Min. deposit: $ 2500

Max. deposit: $ 100000

Instatnt Withdraw: Yes

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The advantages

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Profitable investment

You can multiply your capital within 3 days with the help of our specialists.

Invest in CryptoCurrency

Fluctuations in cryptocurrency rates allow you to earn up to 450% profit in 3 days.

Risk-free investment

Professional traders work for you around the clock, which significantly reduce the risk of losing capital

Legal company

The site operates on behalf of the Nexobit LTD, officially registered in the UK

Data Security

Your money and personal data are protected by a powerful Ddos-guard system and SSL Comodo security protocol with insurance capital

Round-the-clock support

Our online support is ready to answer any of your questions and help you to solve any task 24/7

Earn more

Partnership program

It is difficult to imagine a successful investment company without additional advantages for partners in the form of a reward for attracting investment capital into trust management. Currently, this is the most common type of promotion of services, which allows not only to reduce advertising costs for the company, but also provides an opportunity for additional earnings to customers.

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About Us

Different kind of

Financial firm

Who We Are ?

Nexobit is a world leading professional investment system based in the UK, providing advanced cryptocurrency related investment services to traders globally by the effective use of interpreted data. We provide several services to optimize the trading strategy of traders. We are also one of the top digital systems with various trading options, serving a good number of people all over the world. We trade a huge volume daily and our strategies are recognized as the gold standard for the crypto investment industry worldwide.e.

United Kingdom Inc Certificate

Nexobit Limited

Registered Number : 12698038

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Our Strategy

The Roadmap

Our president Max discovers Bitcoin.

Year 2010

Years 2011-2013

The first bitcoin mines.

The first big gains due to the increase in the bitcoin rate.

November 2013

Years 2014-2018

Focusing on investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Forming a team of like-minded people.

Year 2019

Next expos and expansion to the middle east

Year 2021

06 October 2020

The last expo where we will participate - LA Blockchain Summit 2020.

Next expo where you can find us "Finnovex Middle East 2020"

22 September 2020

08 September 2020

Meet us in FinnoSec Africa 2020

Establishment of Nexobit LTD

26 June 2020



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