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About Nexobit

Nexobit is a world leading professional investment system based in the UK, providing advanced cryptocurrency related investment services to traders globally by the effective use of interpreted data. We provide several services to optimize the trading strategy of traders. We are also one of the top digital systems with various trading options, serving a good number of people all over the world. We trade a huge volume daily and our strategies are recognized as the gold standard for the crypto investment industry worldwide.

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Registered in UK with Regn No. 12698038 Incorporated in 2020.


Max Stewart

Funder and President

Max Stewart

He started his professional career at LLoyds Bank, implementing IT projects for the SME department. He then joined McKinsey & Company, analyzing the banking, insurance and telecommunications industries. Before moving to cryptocurrency and currency business, for over 3 years he gained experience in the XTB Trading Department, managing risk, introducing new financial instruments and ensuring the quality of implementation for one of the largest retail forex companies in the world.

Millie Riley

Head of Cryptocurrency Solution Specialist

Millie Riley

Millie began her career in the financial markets industry in the sales department of HSBC, where she gained her first professional experience in creating long-term relationships with individual and corporate clients. At an international conference she met Max, who told her about blockchain technology and mining cryptocurrencies. Holding many high positions in the largest currency brokers in the world, Millie now heads a team of cryptocurrency solutions at Nexobit.

Finnley Webb

Executive Assistant

Finnley Webb

He earned a master's degree in economics at the University of Cambrige, Faculty of Economic Sciences. He studied management and economics at the University of Namur, Belgium. Finnley, before joining Nexobit, gained experience in the best European banks. It covered a full range of services for strategic corporate clients, supported the redesign of the organizational structure in one of the largest banks in the country and participated in numerous trainings on the financial industry.

Matthew Richardson

Chief Commercial Officer

Matthew Richardson

Matthew has spent the last 8 years deepening his knowledge of cryptocurrencies. He started his professional career in the technology sector, working for Google directly at the university in the technical support position, and then moved to account management positions on IBM computers. After arriving in the UK, he worked alone for five years mining and investing in cryptocurrencies. He is passionate about Blockchain and IT.

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